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One to Protect (One to Hold) - Tia Louise

5 out of 5 jaw dropping stars

So now that I have managed to pick my jaw up off the ground. I can tell you what I thought about One to Protect. Well I freaking LOVED it. Nuff said!

This is book 3 in the One to Hold series Yes each one can be read as a standalone and all have their own HEA. But, you still have to read One to Hold and One to Keep. This continues with Derek and Melissa’s story from One to Hold But we get a little bit of the characters from One to Keep. So it definitely gives you great insight to read the first 2 in the series.

With that said, In One to Protect we get more insight to Derek and Melissa’s story. There is so much chemistry between the two of them, it is hard for your own cheeks not to turn red. I found myself constantly blushing., Ok, so not only was I blushing, I was laughing, crying, and yelling. Any emotion you can name, I went through. And SHOCK can you say I was in shock. There was such a twist there I didn’t see coming. But it proves Derek will do whatever he must, to Protect Melissa. She is his love. She is his second chance. And Derek will be dammed if he looses her.

Words can’t express how great this story was. So I did my best here to let you know how amazing Tia’s writing is. But let’s face it. I am a reader not a writer, so my words won’t do her justice. You just have to pick this up for yourself. Then you will understand what I am talking about. I could sit here all night and go on and on about this one but I won’t, lets face it you don’t want to sit here for 10 minutes listening to me rave. Just get it. You know you want to I mean that is why you are reading my review right now anyways right?? So yes I loved this, Yes I already have recommended this to my friends. And I am keeping this one in my Library. You know we all have that go to story to read over and over. This is mine!